Richard Ayoade’s dark comedy Submarine is served up in three parts, in addition to an epilogue, a prologue, and an introductory letter to Americans instructing that it is an important film and should be watched with respect. It also thanks America for not yet having invaded Wales, the setting of Submarine’s story.  It’s funny and indicative of the brand of comedy Ayoade has in store for the film’s ninety eight minute run-time.... Read More

I want to rub this poster all over me: Tyrannosaur

I passed on screening Tyrannosaur at Sundance this year mostly because it was sure to receive a wider-than-limited release in theatres near me.  I am excited to see what Paddy Considine will do behind the camera. And now that my appetite has been whet by this incredibly stunning one-sheet, I’m bummed I didn’t make the effort in January.  Read More

Red Riding: 1980

<About the Red Riding Trilogy: The Red Riding Trilogy is a trio of films based on the novels of David Peace (The Damned United). The novels and films are a mix of fact and fiction centered around the disappearances of several young girls and the crimes of the actual Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, who killed 13 women from 1975-80 while eluding police. (Sutcliffe could, astonishingly, be released from prison two years from now.) The films reverberate... Read More