Where have all the movie stars gone?

To the world of television, it seems. Am I the only confused as to why so many great film actors are heading to the small screen? Coming this fall, Maria Bello will be taking her turn as a tough-as-nails detective named Jane Timoney in a series called Prime Suspect.  You’ve probably seen the promos of her all bruised, beaten, bitten, and eating breakfast next a murder victim. Granted, this is an American take on a highly-praised police procedural... Read More

Sundance – The Ledge

Of all the films creating buzz at Sundance this year, Matthew Chapman’s film The Ledge is getting some of the loudest. There’s no doubt its celebrity cast is helping, starring Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, and Terrance Howard. That is a cast that can draw attention.  But while there are some great performances, The Ledge doesn’t seem to stand out among all the great Sundance films this year. To Chapman’s credit, he admits that... Read More

Watchmen – Very Am-bitch-ious.

The only thing better than the blogosphere tossing out reviews of Watchmen, is the blogging world blogging about bloggers tossing out reviews of Watchmen; which I am now guilty of.  But it’s true.  I would feel so redundant trying to verbalize how I feel about this film when I can just steal the opinions of other people who have 1) read the graphic novel (yes, I’m one of the 15 people in the world who haven’t), 2) already posted... Read More

Little Children

Todd Field is a genius director. That’s all there is to it. His 2004 hit In the Bedroom was universally recognized as a terrific film, and Little Children was nothing short of fantastic. The film is based on the book by Tom Perrotta. Read my review of the book here. Field wrote the screenplay, as well as directed. Sarah (Kate Winslet) is a feminist. A a former member of the intelligentsia who came this close to getting a master’s... Read More