Our Idiot Brother

Male immaturity seems to be the only strong theme among the comedies of not the last few years. Sure, Bridesmaids attempted to establish a bit of gender equality, but that was certainly the exception, not the rule.  Whether it be a slob who lost the TV-star-love-of-his-life, the potheads that get involved with the trade a little more than they’d like, or, in Our Idiot Brother‘s case, an unwillingness to abandoned the joys and naivete... Read More

I Love You, Man

It takes a bold set of filmmakers these days to release a big-budget comedy at the beginning of the summer when Judd Apatow’s name isn’t attached to the project at all.  If you check his imdb page here, you’ll see that he is in some way responsible for most of the blockbuster comedies that have hit our theaters in the last few years.  But I Love You, Man boldly puts itself out there for all to see, proud of the fact that despite... Read More

Role Models

Crassness offends me. Unless it’s hilarious. Which allows me to excuse David Wain’s Role Models, because this movie is hilarious.  You’d think Judd Apatow was the driving force behind this irreverently funny movie, but he’s not.  I’d like to give most of the credit to Wain who directed, and co-wrote the script with Paul Rudd, Ken Marino and Timothy Downing. The spoiler-ific trailer gives most of the plot away.  Two... Read More