Quentin Tarantino’s Top 11 of 2010

It seems I’m a bit obsessed with everyone else’s ‘best of’ lists for 2010. Here is Quentin Tarantino’s favorites of the year. I must say, he has excellent taste. I’m so psyched about all the love for I Am Love, Enter the Void (I reiterate his sentiments about the opening credits sequence), and Greenberg (it’s about time Noah Baumbach is recognized in more mainstream circles). Read the rest of his list... Read More

Inglourious Basterds… Kind of.

Bitchin’ Film Reviews is back!  I went on a very nice vacation, and fully planned on keeping up the blogging while I was gone, but it was pretty difficult to drag myself away from the beach.  I barely managed to see Inglourious Basterds.  I would have like to review Tarantino’s latest film, but, like times in the past, I’m choosing to quote other critics here since they’ve said it all and better than I can.  I did enjoy... Read More

God Bless Tarantino

I want to rub this trailer all over me.  I realize that I’m a day late on this one (don’t get me wrong, I watched it yesterday), but I still think there’s an inappropriate number of people who haven’t seen this trailer who should. Now, there’s been lots of talk about the poor performance of Mr. Jolie in this trailer, but I beg all to withhold reservation until they actually see the movie.  When has Tarantino let us... Read More

Reservoir Dogs

I’ve recently found myself a little movied out.  I don’t know how this is possible since I have interest in little else these days.  Sure, I occasionally go to class, and work, but this is pretty much what I do with my free time.  I had seven movies checked out this week and couldn’t bring myself to watch any of them.  In order to remedy this, I went back to my most reliable standby, Quentin Tarantino. Reservoir Dogs is one of... Read More