Bitchin’ Film Reviews Top 10 of 2010

I’ve been avoiding making this list for a while by listing everyone elses’.  Like Roger Ebert’s, A. O. Scott’s, and Quentin Tarantino’s. I still haven’t seen all the major contenders of 2010. These include Exit Through the Gift Shop, The Fighter, Blue Valentine, Biutiful, The Secret in Their Eyes, and Charlie St. Cloud.   But I’m not sure when I’ll be catching up with these.  So, I’m throwing... Read More


As a young American male, war documentaries always make me feel guilty. I watch other men my age experiencing something so immense in scope, horrific, so life altering. And I do it from the comfort of a movie theater, get in my car, drive home, and watch a few episodes of True Blood on DVR. The whole thing makes me feel some how inadequate, and embarassed I’m not offering my country more. Because of these reasons, I have a hard time getting... Read More