Directors and Their Muses

The relationship between director and leading man/woman, is one that has fascinated me for quite some time.  There are several that I was aware from the beginning of my film awakening.  But the idea became most prevalent while watching Ingmar Bergman’s oeuvre.  I was in awe of the fact that Bergman chose to stick with the same actors for the most part, and it worked.  It worked really well. Liv Ullman, Bibi Andersson, Erland Josephson,... Read More

Body of Lies

Ridley Scott has made it clear that he will no longer be making anything that’s much better than a Michael Bay movie. This sucks, I know, but the proof is on his page. While Body of Lies isn’t horrible, there’s nothing in it that is compelling.  It’s a pre-packaged war thriller that wants to shove it’s political message down your throat. Leonardo DiCaprio and the completely overrated Russell Crowe team up... Read More