Please let the rumors be true

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Away We Go

Sam Mendes is, for me, one of the most interesting directors putting out films right now.  He’s definitely had his misses.  Jarhead was uneven and overly trite in it’s portrayal of affected American soldiers in Iraq, The Road to Perdition was a solid, good film, but vastly overrated.  But he, at the very least, has a competence behind the camera that makes any of his films interesting to watch.  Away We Go, written by Dave Eggers and... Read More

Revolutionary Road

Every year, everyone has issues with the Academy’s nominees. It’s no secret that Oscar doesn’t usually recognize the best pictures of the year, and everyone likes to point that out. Myself included. It seems that this year, his biggest misstep is ignoring Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road.  I mean, what the hell?  The mess of a movie The Reader gets a best picture nod, and the only bone that gets thrown to Road is a best... Read More