Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on Blu-ray

Any film that brushes up against terribly painful, real-life events runs the risk of leaving its obligations to those affected by the event unfulfilled. Indeed, there’s never been a film that uses the attacks of September 11th in way that didn’t feel a bit exploitative to me. The closest to feeling anywhere near appropriate was Paul Greengrass’s United 93. And the worst, Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center in 2006 (I’m... Read More

The Proposal

I have an odd love/hate relationship with Sandra Bullock.  I think her comedic timing and humor are quite excellent.  But the projects she does are, well, it’s not that they’re just extremely low-brow, it’s that they’re mostly just insulting.  It was refreshing to see her take a small, but not self-important role in the wildly overrated Crash of 2005, but she quickly burned through any credibility that that film might have... Read More