Shia says all the sex in Nymphomaniac will be unsimulated

Shia Labeouf announced this week that his is forthwith eschewing tradition Hollywood studios. Because, you know, it’s good business to bite the hand that feeds you $30 million dollars so you can be in schmaltzy music videos, and have unsimulated sex on a movie set while Lars von Trier watches. Yes, Labeouf has a part in von Trier’s next project titled Nymphomaniac.  In regards to his quitting the studio system, Labeouf said to The Hollywood... Read More

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Updating a hit from the eighties may be Oliver Stone scraping at the bottom of a his proverbial barrel, but it seems that it works for him a bit. After years of hits and misses, well, mostly misses, it’s a refreshing to have a film from the iconic director that doesn’t totally suck. And as relevant as the actual Wall Street was in the late eighties, it is even more relevant today.  Best of all, Stone doesn’t skimp on the true... Read More

Eagle Eye

Remember, in the trailer, when Rosario Dawson’s character in Eagle Eye quips, ‘What if it’s a decoy, to distract us from something fifty times bigger?’  In the same vein, this film distracts the viewer with explosions, car chases, Shia LaBeouf’s facial hair, and computers with artificial intelligence, so we don’t notice the bigger issue: this film blows. I’m not sure it’s director D.J. Caruso’s... Read More