Captain America: Why Superhero Movies Are The New Romantic Comedies

Last weekend I went with a few friends to see the sex comedy Friends with Benefits. I went because Will Gluck earned plenty of favorable points with me from Easy A, as much as it bugs me to admit it, I think Justin Timberlake has an entertaining screen presence, and after Black Swan, I’ll take a chance on pretty much anything Mila Kunis does. All of this thrown in with generally favorable reviews (after much wavering, it is finally certified... Read More

Easy A

Even with a mindnumbingly drab name like Easy A, Will Gluck’s latest film manages to transcend the mold of teenage cautionary tales while still providing some serious laughs and genuine moments. The choice of lead Emma Stone as Olive proves to be inspired, as her presence alone inspires forgiveness of any weakness in the film itself. The story, as anyone with access to media in the last three months might tell you, centers around Olive. Olive... Read More

What Just Happened

It seems like Hollywood’s new thing is to make fun of itself. This is what What Just Happened is about. But like most flash-in-the-pan trends (like Chihuahuas, Laguna Beach, and Gary Busey), it gets boring real fast.  Despite its all-star cast, this isn’t much to write home about.  Director Barry Levinson hasn’t directed much of interest either, although he’s produced some good stuff: Wag the Dog, and some of HBO’s... Read More