Our Idiot Brother

Male immaturity seems to be the only strong theme among the comedies of not the last few years. Sure, Bridesmaids¬†attempted to establish a bit of gender equality, but that was certainly the exception, not the rule. ¬†Whether it be a slob who lost the TV-star-love-of-his-life, the potheads that get involved with the trade a little more than they’d like, or, in Our Idiot Brother‘s case, an unwillingness to abandoned the joys and naivete... Read More

The Trip

There are a lot of experiments in Michael Winterbottom’s latest film, The Trip. The two main actors, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, play themselves. The movie is an edit of a six episode serial that originally played on BBC2 in the UK, and was partially improvised. And large parts of it are made up of imitations, “silly voices”, and jabs that will leave you guessing whether they’re good-natured, or passive-aggressively malicious.... Read More

Hamlet 2

Hamlet 2 is hilarious. I haven’t laughed so hard in the theater since…well Pineapple Express or Forgetting Sarah Marshall.¬† That doesn’t mean Hamlet 2 isn’t special, it just means this is an oddly funny summer, with a larger than average number of well polished comedies. Hamlet comes to us from, like so many other bitchin’ films, Sundance Film Festival and is directed by Andrew Fleming who has a pretty hit and miss,... Read More