Sundance – Interview with Matthew Chapman director of The Ledge

In the wake of having his film picked up by IFC, Matthew Chapman, the director of The Ledge chatted with me for a while about religion and politics, his film, and a bit about his great, great grandfather, Charles Darwin. BFR: Thanks for talking to us, Matthew.  And congratulations on your film and having it screened here at Sundance. Matthew Chapman: It’s an honor, indeed. I read that you’re the great great grandson of Charles Darwin,... Read More

Sundance – The Ledge

Of all the films creating buzz at Sundance this year, Matthew Chapman’s film The Ledge is getting some of the loudest. There’s no doubt its celebrity cast is helping, starring Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, and Terrance Howard. That is a cast that can draw attention.  But while there are some great performances, The Ledge doesn’t seem to stand out among all the great Sundance films this year. To Chapman’s credit, he admits that... Read More