The Road

After more than a year of pushed back release dates, and The Weinsteins acting a damn fool, I finally had the opportunity to see The Road.  Perhaps it’s that I built up the film so much in my head, but it was kind of a disappointment. The film had much going for it.  Viggo Mortensen is a fantastic and interesting actor.  It’s based on a Pulitzer prize winning book by Cormac McCarthy.  It was adapted by Joe Penhall.  And it was directed... Read More

The long awaited trailer for the Road – and it’s bad.

Some of us have been waiting to see a trailer for The Road for a year now.  The dumbass Weinsteins chose to push it’s release back and focus their Oscar- promoting funds on The Reader (good call Weinsteins).  From all accounts, the film is supposed to be utterly devestating, and fantastic.  The script is one of the best adaptations I’ve read.  Ever.  If you haven’t read the Pultizer Prize winning book by Cormac McCarthy yet,... Read More

Wondering why you haven’t seen a trailer for ‘The Road?’

This blows. I’m heartbroken. ‘Road’ may not be done in time for ‘08 Execs to meet Thursday to discuss film’s release By Steven Zeitchik Oct 15, 2008, 10:50 PM ET The Viggo Mortensen dark thriller “The Road,” a Dimension title from the Weinstein Co., originally was set for a Nov. 14 limited and Nov. 26 wide release. Now it quietly has been shifted until at least December — and might be moved out of 2008 altogether. Execs... Read More

The Road – A Book Review

For my second Lit Flicks Challenge book, I chose to read the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Road, by Cormac McCarthy.  Although I never read No Country For Old Men, the movie fascinated me enough to at least take notice of McCarthy.  When I was told they were turning  The Road into a movie and it dealt with a mysterious, post-apocalyptic America, I knew I wanted to read it.  This is the only book I’ve ever sat down and read in its entirety... Read More