Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

After watching Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, it’s become painfully clear that John Krasinski is wasting his time on the The Office.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love The Office.  I want Dwight and Angela to be together just as much as the next guy.  But while watching Krasinski’s directorial debut, I became much more excited about him as a director, then him as Jim.  This film is sure to be one of the hits at Sundance, and is... Read More

The Killing Room

Remember that horrible movie from 2003 called Darkness Falls, where the Tooth Fairy starts ripping people apart if they step into the darkness? Well, The Killing Room comes from the same director, Jonathan Liebesman. While I can’t give a full Bitchin’ Films endorsement to this flick, I can safely say that Liebesman has improved markedly since the Tooth Fairy disaster. The premise of The Killing Room is simple and has been done before. ... Read More


Lymelife has a whole lot of big names attached to it. Martin Scorsese is given an executive producer credit. Both William and Alec Baldwin produced (Alec starred in the talented ensemble cast). Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton plays a downtrodden father who gets Lyme disease from a deer tick. Not to mention two Culkin brothers! It’s not really a surprise that the film is success.  It already won the International Critics’ Award... Read More