Be prepared to be shocked when watching Alan Ball’s feature-length directorial debut. The unflinchingly dark creator of HBO’s Six Feet Under, True Blood, and writer of the Oscar-winning film American Beauty, Ball went straight for the jugular with Towelhead, hoping to mix things up a little bit.  And that, he certainly does. Towelhead is based on the novel of the same name by Alicia Erian (an interesting name for the author of such a... Read More

The Dead Girl

I don’t know why, but as I perused the aisles of Blockbuster the other night (aisles that I have practically memorized), this DVD just happened to catch my eye.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s a subconscious fascination with the morbid.  Anyway, I picked up The Dead Girl and was astounded at the list of what I consider to be A-list actors, and at the fact I’d never even heard of this 2006 release. When I saw Brittany Murphy... Read More