After months of waiting and waiting for Antichrist to trickle down to theatres from the powers that be at Cannes, I finally had the opportunity to see it at a local arthouse theatre in Salt Lake City.  Of the two arthouses in town, this is the small one.  Small, with one screen.  The floor is slanted down to the screen, and is hardwood, so if you drop a skittle, it rattles all the way down until it hits the wall holding the screen.  On weekend... Read More

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Thank the Lord! Finally, an animated film that I can jump behind.  Fantastic Mr. Fox is bitingly witty, hilarious, charming, and doesn’t depend on ultra-cute animation that spends two hours trying to make you go, ‘ahhh…’   Yes, I’m looking at you Pixar! Fantastic Mr. Fox takes a whole lot of genius, mixes it up, and turns it in to cinematic gold.  Take one great story by Roald Dahl, combine it with the unique vision... Read More