Our Idiot Brother

Male immaturity seems to be the only strong theme among the comedies of not the last few years. Sure, Bridesmaids attempted to establish a bit of gender equality, but that was certainly the exception, not the rule.  Whether it be a slob who lost the TV-star-love-of-his-life, the potheads that get involved with the trade a little more than they’d like, or, in Our Idiot Brother‘s case, an unwillingness to abandoned the joys and naivete... Read More

Where have all the movie stars gone?

To the world of television, it seems. Am I the only confused as to why so many great film actors are heading to the small screen? Coming this fall, Maria Bello will be taking her turn as a tough-as-nails detective named Jane Timoney in a series called Prime Suspect.  You’ve probably seen the promos of her all bruised, beaten, bitten, and eating breakfast next a murder victim. Granted, this is an American take on a highly-praised police procedural... Read More

(500) Days of Summer

I can’t say that (500) Days of Summer is an exceptionally original film.  The plot, the formula of the whole thing is almost what you’d call derivative.  For this reason, it’s difficult to understand why exactly I liked this film so much. It’s refreshing to see what is advertised as a romantic comedy (it’s not, I promise) from the male perspective.  While not all rom-coms are from the woman’s point of view, it... Read More


Matt Asleton’s Gigantic is a gigantic failure.  Okay, it’s not that bad, but it was too easy to use that line.  What Gigantic does suffer from, is this odd trend in the past 10 years that favors indie-films that are about as quirky as can be (see: Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, and a load of more poorly made films).  When it comes down to it, there’s nothing that seperates this flick, from those that came before it. Paul Dano plays... Read More

The Happening

Spoiler Alert — I’m not going to spend any time pretending the big twist at the end of this film is worth keeping secret for those who haven’t seen The Happening yet.  Don’t read this if for some reason you haven’t heard that it’s the plants killing everyone. I was fully warned about everything this movie is not before I rented it. I knew it’d be bad, I knew it’d be laughable, but I still wanted to... Read More