The long awaited trailer for the Road – and it’s bad.

Some of us have been waiting to see a trailer for The Road for a year now.  The dumbass Weinsteins chose to push it’s release back and focus their Oscar- promoting funds on The Reader (good call Weinsteins).  From all accounts, the film is supposed to be utterly devestating, and fantastic.  The script is one of the best adaptations I’ve read.  Ever.  If you haven’t read the Pultizer Prize winning book by Cormac McCarthy yet, you should be ashamed, then go buy it.

The trailer is finally now released and it looks bad.  Real bad.  It’s understandable why they chose to make such a trailer, it’s going to draw crowds in that are fans of Underworld, and 28 Days Later, but here’s to hoping ‘ this movie isn’t the fast paced on the run from cannibals, fire storm, kaboom, pow! flick the trailer makes it out to be (Meredith Woerner).’   Watch the trailer below.  But please also read the article Esquire did which will restore all the hope we’ve been carrying for a year, that the trailer managed to shatter.  I’m just going to call it now, this will win the Oscar for best picture.

Thanks for the heads up Matt.

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5 Responses to “The long awaited trailer for the Road – and it’s bad.”
  1. Jen says:

    I’m thinking that I really need to read this book before the movie comes out. I love “end of the world” type movies.

  2. Matt says:

    While I agree with you in sharing some trepidation about the amount of action in this movie, the trailer definitely hooked me in to want to see the film. Of course, I wanted to anyway after reading McCarthy’s great novel. I think it will downplay the action a bit, as this trailer is mostly designed to draw in the crowds. I think Viggo’s casting as the father was perfect. I’m more worried about Charlize Theron’s expanded role…is that necessary?

  3. Blake says:

    Jen, I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s bleak and certainly melancholy, but it’s beautiful and thought-provoking. It took me three hours to read the whole thing.

    Matt, the only issue I have with the trailer is that it’s a completely misrepresentation of what the film is/should be. They’ve promised 28 Days Later (a great film), when it’s really more like No Country for Old Men. It’d be like a trailer making Little Miss Sunshine look like a political thriller instead of a comedy.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Somehow I feel like I have watched this story before…in a few different versions…

  5. Reel Whore says:

    Hopefully they’ll pull out the more thought-provoking trailers closer to release. I haven’t read the novel, but what I knew of the movie before this trailer made me want to see it. Mortensen is great in everything I’ve seen of his.

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