The Matrix on Blu-ray

It’s been thirteen years since Neo took the red pill and we all went down the rabbit hole to find out what exactly the Matrix was. Thirteen years ago, I was fourteen, and my strict religious mother wouldn’t let me watch movies that had been rated ‘R’. For the most part, I didn’t have a problem with this rule. But when The Matrix was all any of my friends were talking about, I made the conscious decision to watch it any way I could. My first attempt was thwarted by my similarly religious sister. She told my mom what I was watching before I even got to see Carrie-Anne Moss all poured in that leather at that S&M club.

Luckily, a friend with parents not so strict as mine let me watch it his house.  It was pretty much the greatest thing I had ever seen come through rural southeast Idaho.  I even bought the soundtrack and learned I love Prodigy, Rage Against the Machine, and Deftones.  I find often that when I return the favorite movies of my childhood, I’m terribly disappointed.  There was this hideous moment as a twenty year old when I rented Congo…  I still shutter when I think of it.  So when Warner Brothers sent me a free copy of The Matrix on Blu-ray, I was dubious and worried Keanu might not look good in HD.

Remember how the special effects in The Matrix were completely cutting edge?  We’d never seen the likes of that opening scene when Trinity jumps up, freezes in mid-air while the camera spins a dizzying 180 degrees to show 100 percent of her bad-assery.  That effect, I swear, still has the very same effect on me.  It is sick.  That’s all there is to it.  The completely enveloping atmosphere retains it’s appeal remarkably well.  For a film that heavily focuses on technology, it sure ages well.    The endless blues of the world outside of the Matrix, and the never ending greens inside it freeze the film in a sort of timelessness.  And despite a few references to the year 1999, the film still feels fresh.

As a grown-up, I cringed a few times at one-liners that passed me by as a youth.  And to be honest, the second and third films in the trilogy kind of made me forget how good the original is.  How much I liked looking at Trinity.  And how Mr. Smith still is pretty damn scary.  Despite TBS’s best efforts to wear out this film’s welcome, I found myself much more involved in the movie than I had originally planned.  I proudly reclaim my role as Matrix fanboy.

The Blu-ray is filled with some pretty kick ass extras including four different commentaries, a feature-length documentary, and 41 tracks of music from The Matrix.  Here’s a full list of special features:

– Written introcution by the Wachowski brothers
– Philosophers commentary: Dr. Cornel West and Ken Wilber
– Critics commentary: Todd McCarthy, John Powers and David Thomson
– Cast/Crew commentary by Carrie-Anne Moss, Zach Staenberg and John Gaeta
– Composer commentary by Don Davis, with Music-only track
– Feature-length documentary, The Matrix Revisited
Behind The Matrix documentary Gallery: 7 featurettes
Take the Red Pill documentary gallery: 2 Featurettes
Follow the White Rabbit documentary gallery: 9 featurettes
The Music Revisited: 41-track audio selection of nearly 3 hours of music
– Marilyn Manson Rock is Dead music video
– Theatrical trailers and TV spots

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  1. Jessica says:

    Nice to have you back! And I’m sorry for thwarting your early attempt to watch this movie.
    Jessica´s last blog post ..The Queen’s Thief Series, by Megan Whalen Turner (Audio)

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