The Seven Movie Question Meme

Rachel from Rachel’s Reel Reviews was kind enough to tag me in the meme du jour, aptly titled The Seven Movie Question Meme.  I’m not sure who made the visual on the left (was it you Rachel?), but well done.

Let’s get down to business.

1. What was your first movie going experience?

I’m sure that I saw movies in theatres before 1989, but the only memory I can distinctly recall is when my grandma took my sister and me to see The Little Mermaid.  I remember thinking that scene on the boat when all the animals attack the human Ursula was the funniest thing I had ever seen.  It was all fun and games until Ursula’s voice dropped three octaves, and grew a hundred feet tall.  Then I cried so loud that we were told we’d need to leave the theatre if I didn’t get quiet.

2. How many DVDs do you own?

It’s somewhere around 250.  I’ve tried to restrict my DVD buying habits since I only rewatch about two percent of what I actually have.  But it’s hard with all these rental stores going out of business and selling everything off at two bucks a pop.  Am I just supposed to leave Y tu mamá también on the shelf?

3. What’s your guilty pleasure movie?

Danny Boyle’s The Beach.  I still don’t think it’s a bad movie, but everyone else does, so that makes me feel guilty every time I watch it.

4. You’ve compiled a list of your top 100 movies. Which movies didn’t make the cut?

Bandidas probably wouldn’t make the list. Nor would Casablanca.  Or Citizen Kane.

5. Which movie(s) do you compulsively watch over and over again?

I’ve seen The Descent and 28 Days Later a million times.  Which is weird, because I’m not a huge fan of horror.  Others include Sunshine, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, In Bruges and Kill Bill.  I could watch any of those at any time.

6. What are some classics you’re embarrassed to admit you haven’t seen?

Because of the 100 Movies I’ve Never Seen Project, I pretty much have seen all those I feel required viewing.  But occasionally I’m embarrassed to admit I haven’t seen Star Wars episodes 3, 4, 5, or 6.  Also, I still haven’t seen The Shawshank Redemption, or Schindler’s List.

7. What movie posters do you have hanging on your wall?

Right now, it’s just this one:

But I’ve got a few that are just waiting for me to put a nail in the wall like Fight Club, Magnolia, Kill Bill, and Cool Hand Luke.

Tag.  You’re it:

The Mad Hatter at The Dark of the Matinee

Reel Whore at Reel Whore

M. Carter at M. Carter at the Movies

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8 Responses to “The Seven Movie Question Meme”
  1. Rachel says:

    I like The Beach too, so don’t feel too guilty.

    And yes I made that graphic, but feel free to use it.

  2. CMrok93 says:

    28 Days Later scares me to bits almost every time I watch it. But that’s probably the reason why I watch it so much. Check out my list here:

  3. Aiden R. says:

    Good job on getting the Cool Hand Luke poster, join the club. And I recommend getting around to Shawshank asap, you don’t know what you’re missin’, homey.
    .-= Aiden R.´s last blog ..Good Will Hunting (1997) =-.

  4. Gringo says:

    Hey Blake,
    I’m hosting the My Best Post blog-a-thon.
    It goes from May 21st-23rd. Want to be a part of it?
    It’s pretty easy. You’ve already written your entry.
    Just send me a link to your best/favorite/underrated blog post! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the tag — I’m working on a post for tomorrow.

    “Citizen Kane” and “Casablanca” did make my Top 100, but the funny thing is I didn’t see either until just a few years ago. All the hype made me wary. When I saw both, I knew I liked them because I liked them and not because everyone told me I was supposed to.
    .-= M. Carter @ the Movies´s last blog ..Review: “Dead Presidents” (1995) =-.

  6. Vanessa says:

    I have to admit that I quite liked the Beach too, although I can see that its not a very good movie.
    I did love Vicky Cristina Barcelona and would like to see it over and over again but my DVD is back home. I have seen Match Point about a million times though!
    .-= Vanessa´s last blog ..7 Movie Facts Meme =-.

  7. Frank says:

    I love the Beach.

    I don’t know if you are a Mormon or not but that is no excuse to not have seen Star Wars.

    .-= Frank´s last blog ..Music Facts! =-.

  8. Anna says:

    If I just hear “In Bruges”, I feel the urge the watch it again.

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