The Underwhelming Hulk

I saw ‘The Incredible Hulk’ last night…

It wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t terrific, it just was. The film surpassed my expectations of Leterrier’s talent (yes, I was expecting to see something closer to ‘The Transporter 3’). But the script failed to meet my expectations of Edward Norton’s talents. It’s annoying to wonder how much of the film was lost in the Norton/Leterrier/Marvel fued. Could it have been the movie that you can see just below the superficial surface of the movie? Leterrier says yes, and that the full movie will be available on the DVD.

Now I don’t want to be too hard on the Hulk. It was great watching Norton perform. His knowing smile that seems to suggest he enjoys losing himself in the monster is wickedly entertaining. His co-star Liv Tyler is kind of a drag though. I’m not sure how she keeps getting this roles. Did you see ‘The Strangers?’ Bleh. At least they had some sexual chemistry. Which contributes to the funniest scene in the movie, as Bruce Banner is starting to get it on but has to stop mid-hump for fear of getting ‘too excited.’

All things considered, I was entertained. I’m not a comic book fan, I had no previous allegience to the Hulk (only to Norton), but still, the chase scenes, the explosions, all good enough to watch at least once.


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