4 Responses to “Today I Feel Like This”
  1. Ivy says:

    This is in my top 5 fav movies. Love it so much I could squeeze it to death… that took a turn I did not mean it to.

  2. Mad Hatter says:

    Count me in as a big fan of that flick too! Though I can’t say today I feel like that. If pressed, I’d say I feel a bit more like this

  3. blake says:

    Ivy, I just rewatched it a few days ago. It’s timeless! The mood is just right.

    Mad Hatter, that picture made me laugh. You seem to be in a great mood.

  4. Reel Whore says:

    @Hatter- such a great image!

    @blake- I don’t ever think I would feel like that if I were in Japan at a restaurant sharing a meal with either of them.

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