Tomorrow…in Theaters

There are two movies opening tomorrow that deserve special mention. First is ‘The Incredible Hulk.’ Who can’t help but be excited about the next film from the director of ‘The Transporter,’ and ‘The transporter 2!’ Louis Leterrier (did I mention he was French?) directed this second Hulk movie after Ang Lee’s 2003 box-office disappointment starring Eric Bana. Rumors of fights and feuds between Marvel, Leterrier, and Edward Norton (who was brought on not only to star, but to re-write large portions of the script) may have already tainted this movie for fans. Norton skipped the publicity tour because of the negative lime light. Both Leterrier and Norton released short, completely unbelievable statements about how blown out of proportion the rumors are and what pure joy it was working with each other and Marvel on this project.

This movie is particularly important to Marvel as it’s one of only two movies it will release this year (the first being the mega-hit ‘Ironman’). Despite all of this, early reviews of the film have been hopeful. This coupled with the fact Norton rarely fails to deliver provides hope for Hulk fans, and non-geek theater-goers a like. Here’s one of the many trailers released:


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  1. Jessica says:

    Um . . . I still have my doubts about The Hulk and Edward Norton as The Hulk, but if you’re hopeful . . .

    As for the other one, good times. You know, I would appreciate a weekly feature of this sort, since I never know what is coming out.

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