Twice the Lit Flicks

I was a complete bastard during the first of January and didn’t put up a Lit Flicks Challenge winner. I have a list of excuses (mono, back pain, starting up school again, laziness), but I won’t list any of them here. The point is, I apologize. And so, I have two winners for this post. Thanks again for all who participated, there’s one month left, so get all your reviews in to count for the last month of the Lit Flicks Challenge.  Participants received entries for the giveaway for the following:

1. Signing up for Lit Flicks, or already having signed up before the start of the month.

2. Two entries for a review of either the book or the movie adaptation of Blindness.

3. Joining the challenge at my sister’s book review site

4. One entry for any review of a book that was turned into a movie, or a movie that’s based on the book.

The winner for January is Janflora for her review of Dances With Wolves.  Check it out, and thanks for your participation Janflora.

The winner for February is Cindy for her review of The Road.  Read it, she’ll be able to convince you to read the book if you haven’t already.  Plus, it’s turned into what will probably be a terrific, Oscar-winning film.

Thanks to everyone, and keep it up, there’s one months left!  Cindy and Janflora, email me and we’ll discuss how to get you your DVD or book!

Now, this is the final month of Lit Flicks (I know I’ve said this like 11 times in this blog), so you should definitely participate and get your last reviews in.  The entry rules remain the same, including the double entry for reviews of Blindness (no one’s taken me up on this yet!).  And because I think that Revolutionary Road is the best film of 2008, I will also give two entries for a review of either the book or movie.  Please!  Watch that movie!

Remember, you’re all watching movies and reading books anyway, play along with Lit Flicks at, or

Happy Groundhog’s Day.


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    Are you playing some kind of cruel joke?!

    I’d like to thank the academy…

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