Werner Herzog on The Colbert Report

I don’t often watch The Colbert Report any more. While I’d like to blame Hulu and Comedy Central failing to come to an agreement which pulled the show from the online service last year, the truth is I grow tired of how stupid politics in America are. And no matter how well Colbert points out the idiocy, I still just get frustrated.

However, last night’s guest, Werner Herzog, demanded some attention. Of course the director is doing publicity for Cave of Forgotten Dreams (which I reviewed after catching at screening at the San Francisco International Film Festival last month).  It’s always interesting hearing Herzog speak, bu especially about Cave which I found extremely interesting.  I do appreciate Colbert picking on some of Herzog’s habits of intensifying the truth, something that particularly bugged me with his skipping over any of the controversy surround the paintings in the Chauvet Cave.

Also of particular interest is Herzog’s discussion of his incredibly strange post script filming and discussing radioactive albino crocodiles (which I found completely out of place and mystifying).

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  1. haj says:

    I loved Aguirre Wrath of God and have always been a fan of his films. Watching the Colbert Report, I was dying of laughter when Colbert just stayed quiet and let Herzog speak. It was the funniest Colbert Report I’ve ever seen. Herzog is a very interesting character and and his films are just as interesting.

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